ICORD Tel Aviv 2019

ICORD is an International Society for all individuals active in rare diseases and/or orphan drugs, including health care, research, academic, industry, patients, patient groups, regulatory authorities, health authorities, and public policy professionals.
During recent decades, the awareness on problems associated with Rare Diseases has increased markedly. Moreover, the international collaboration on Rare Diseases has improved. However, there are still many unmet needs for patients with Rare Diseases, not least in developing countries. 

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Prof. Manuel Posada

Director of Institute of Rare Diseases Research (ISCIII) and President of ICORD

Prof. Ada E. Yonath, Israel

"From Basic Science to Medicine"

Dr. Emilio J. A. Roldán

Div Innovation, Gador SA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Hadar Yardeni (Hodgins)

Head of department for child development and rehabilitee, Ministry of health office Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Asher Yeshaihu Salmon

Head, Department of International relations, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Domenica Taruscio

National Centre for Rare Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy

Prof. Mats G. Hansson

Director of the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, Uppsala University, Sweden

Prof. Dian Donnai

Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine & Saint Mary’s Hospital, UK

Dr. Arthur L. Beaudet

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston,TX, USA

Prof. Stavit Allon Shalev

Emek Medical Center, Israel

Prof. Arnold Munnich

Imagine Institute for genetic diseases, Hôpital Necker Enfants Malades, Université Paris Descartes

Stephen C. Groft


Prof. Varda Shalev (MD, MPA)

CEO, Kahn Sagol Maccabi Research and Innovation Institute, Israel

Joan X. Comella (MD, PhD)

CEO, Vall d´Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Daria Julkowska

coordinator, assistant director of the Thematic Institute of Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics, INSERM, France

Prof. Zohar Argov

Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel

Shomrat Shurtz

chairwoman of the Israeli Gaucher association, Sr. Director Business Development

Prof. Ohad Birk

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Dr. Hagit Baris Feldman

Sourasky Medical Center & Chair of the Israeli Society of Medical Geneticists

Prof. Henri G. (Han) Brunner

Radboud UMC & Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Dr. Marlene E. Haffner

CEO of Haffner Associates

Prof. Eli Sprecher

Division, Dermatology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center & Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University,Israel

Dr. Liesbeth J. Siderius

GGD IJsselland

Prof. Rechavi Gideon

Head of the Sheba Cancer Research Center (SCRC), Israel

Barbara H. Wuebbels (RN, MS)

Chairman, Professional Patient Advocates in the Life Sciences

Prof. Luis Alejandro Barrera

Clinic On Inborn Errors of Metabolism, San Ignacio Hospital, Bogotá, Colombia

Prof. Lina Basel - Salmon

Head, Institute of Genetics, Beilinson Hospital & Schneider Medical Center

Dr. Simon Day

Clinical Trials Consulting & Training Limited, UK

Prof. Gili Kenet

National Hemophilia Center and Coagulation Unit, Sheba Medical Center and Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Makoto Suematsu (MD, PhD)

Founding President, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)

Prof. Orly Elpeleg

Department of Genetics, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem

Prof. Shimon Glick

Faculty of Health Sciences, Israel

Jayne Gershkowitz

Chief Patient Advocate, Amicus Therapeutics Inc, USA

Dr. Ashok Gupta

Chairman, State Technical Committee on Rare Diseases, India

Yukiko Nishimura

President and Founder of NPO ASrid, Japan

Dr. David A. Pearce

Executive VP of Innovation and Research at Sanfordand and IRDIRD Vice, USA

Dr. Rivka Sukenik Halevy

Head, Prenatal Genetics service, Raphael Recanati Genetic Institute, Rabin Medical Center

Meir Spiegler

Director General, National insurance institute of Israel

Prof. Annick Raas-Rothschild

Associate Professor, Director, the Institute for Rare Diseases, Edmond & Lily Safra Children Hospital, Sheba-Tel Hashomer Medical Center & Sackler School of medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel

Fernando Royo

Treasurer, Spanish Biotechnology Association & ICORD Board Member

Dr. Cynthia Tifft

Deputy Clinical Director, National Human Genome Research Institute. Director, Pediatric Undiagnosed Diseases Program, National Institutes of Health, USA

Prof. Aviv Goldbart

Head, Dept. of Pediatrics B. Soroka Medical Center, Ben Gurion University, Israel

Dr. Einat Makler-Shiran

Familial Dysautonomia, Israel

Prof. Daniel Scherman

President, the French Rare Diseases Foundation

Dr. Hagith Yonath

Head, the Adult Genetics Service, The Danek Gertner Institute of Human Genetics and Director of Internal Medicine A ward, Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Dr. Adel Shalata

Pediatrics & Medical Genetics, Director, The Simon Winter Institute for Human Genetics, The Bnei Zion Medical Center

Dr. Lucia Monaco

Head, Research Impact and Strategic Analysis, Fondazione Telethon, Italy

Yann Le Cam

Chief Executive Officer, Eurordis

Dr. Manuel Katz

Director, Risk Management and Patient Safety Department, Meuhedet Health Services, Israe

Dr. Shay Ben Shahar

Director Precision Medicine and Genomics, Clalit research institute, Israel

Dr. Orna Staretz-Chacham

Soroka Medical Center, Israel

Dr. Nael Elias

General Director, Saint Vincent De Paul Hospital, Nazrath, Israel

Dr. Ann Nordgren


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